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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Aaaaand it's happening again today. I seriously can't handle this anymore.

He's standing in the corner, crying, because he threw a fit about his pencil not having enough lead in it.

He was getting out of the car, and didn't get his backpack. I tossed it to his seat, so that he could just reach in and grab it, and didn't have to climb back in the car to get it. Well, evidently that was not okay at all. He then said, "SERIOUSLY!?" and slammed the door. I ignored it. Just... let it go.

Then, we get in here, and he wants a yoohoo. Sure... get one. Well, he dropped it, and the edge of it was NEAR the carpet. Not even on it. Well, now he thinks that it is absolutely filled with something horrific off of the carpet (uhh... I just vacuumed), so he refuses to drink it, and got mad at ME like I did something wrong. I told him to drop his attitude.

Well, instead, he chooses to slam his drink on the table, stomp off, and knock ALL of the tiny legos out, onto the floor. From there, I very calmly said, "Get up... and go to your room... now." He stomped, cried, and threw a fit, all the way there. Was in there about 7 minutes, and I let him come out. NOT EVEN 2 minutes later is when the incident with the pencil happened.

Now he's STILL standing in the corner... bawling... throwing a fit... and I have NO idea what to do. I'm tempted to just leave him there until DH gets home, and let him deal with it.

What am I going to do? Yell? Does no good. Spank? Does no good. Obviously timeout isn't doing anything.

I seriously think I might need to get the kid evaluated. Funny thing is? He's ONLY like this with me. The second daddy walks in the door, he's a perfect angel. The second daddy LEAVES, this is what I get.
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