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Re: Need to decompress a little

Originally Posted by mekat View Post
I'm not following; What exactly do you mean talk to him more? Like during play? As in "I am putting the blue block in the red basket now you help me take the blue block out of the red basket" type play? If the above is what you meant then this type of descriptive play is pretty standard protocol for children with speech delays. They mean you just need to talk to him more during play, as well as regular day type stuff like "oh here Mommy goes opening the front door." Also describing verbally the pictures they see in books is helpful vs just reading the words on the page. All the above examples are just parenting tools to help them pick up language. Most parents don't do this naturally which is why they make the recommendation but the recommendation doesn't mean you are a bad parent.
Yes this is what she was suggesting. She is not a therapist but a doctor and I think she was having a bad day, she was getting angry with the front receptionist when we went in because she couldn't find a patient for over 20 mins because they were in the wrong waiting room or something.

She was a bit frazzled.

I think her suggestion was because we have been so focused on his growth and getting him to gain weight that it would be easy to forget about his other development and I think she just wanted us to make sure we were equally focused on the mental aspects of growth too.

This whole year has been a roller coaster I am all too familiar with the being high then low. It's like we take 1 step forward and two steps back.

I just have to keep reminding myself how far he has come, I mean he has come so far for someone who started at 1.5lbs. Really what more could we ask, we have to give him a bit of a break.
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