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Re: Happy Homemakers - Cleaning Game!

Pick a "problem" area in your bedroom and clean it up.
Organized and wiped down my vanity

Pick up the living room.
Put everything in 'piles' in the general area that they belong. Still needs to all be actually put away...

Pick a cabinet, and clean it out.
Cleaned out under the kitchen sink

Vacuum a room.
No carpet in our house. I swept and mopped the bathroom.

Do something with the laundry.
Moved towels into the dryer, threw in a load of colors

Do something in your living room.
Fed the baby and put him to bed. (I'm counting this just because it is time consuming and I'd never stay caught up otherwise :P

Clean out a cabinet or drawer in your kitchen.
Wiped out and straightened the 'dry goods' cabinet.

Pick a spot in your livingroom, or main area of your house to clean up.
I had boxes that needed to be sorted through on my couch and glider. But no longer! Now we have somewhere to sit!

Next task: Garbages- whichever ones need changing, and to be taken outside. I know for sure my bathroom garbage, kitchen, and laundry room are all overflowing :S
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