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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

i have the same thing but I have a 6 yr old. i would not let your child talk like that to you. he is in his learning stage and right now hes disrespecting you. if mine is bad he has to write he will be nice and he sits in his room for about a half an hr each time. he will also get spankings if he doesnt stop it. he gets tv taken away, toys, etc. I have even taken away dinner. hes a very stubborn kid to me and tries to be mean when i am at my rope I yell and say, now I am VERY angry with your attitude. you go to your room and get ready for bed. more times that not, he is tired. my kids need to sleep from 8pm to 7am to be decent.

just dont give in. stay strict in same areas and give praise when good.
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