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Which is more toxic Lysol or bleach?

I've put my home daycare under an organization and I'm required to disinfect everything all the time - bathroom, kitchen, table, toys every two weeks or if they're put in the mouth, change mat, etc. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I have a one year old. I don't like being exposed to so many chemicals but I have to use either bleach and water or something labeled "disinfects". I wear gloves when using these products and have been using lysol wipes more than bleach but that's getting expensive. Bleach and water in a spray bottle would be much cheaper but will it be more toxic to my health? I wipe or rinse things after using the disinfectant so that my daughter isn't exposed as much but I probably make the disinfecting powers less since it's supposed to sit for 10 mins I guess. I totally understand the need to use these products but what can I do to expose myself, my unborn baby and my daughter less?
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