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Re: Flats vs prefolds

Originally Posted by ebandive View Post
Why I'm going with flats and covers after trying EVERYTHING else.

1. Cheap. Getting back to CD'ing to save money.
2. Wash super easy. I have soft water. The easier to wash and rinse clean, the better.
3. They are trimmer than prefolds, maybe because they don't quilt up? I always thought a pad-folded prefold seemed bulky, but a pad-folded flat seems much trimmer.
4. They are more customizable. I can fold them to get more layers of absorbency where I need it without completely doubling up like I had to do by folding over a prefold. Also, I don't have to buy multiple sizes like you do with prefolds.

5. folding laundry is therapeutic for me. There is something very peaceful about folding flats. The dishes might not be done. But the flats will get folded.
Couldn't have said it better myself!
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