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With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

I am planning a VBAC with a MW in a hospital in April. At my last appointment the MW said I should come into the hospital when contractions are 5-7 min apart, so that I can be monitored. I don't have any special health concerns, and am considered a low risk VBAC candidate, if that makes sense.

I was planning to follow the Bradley guidelines and go to the hospital when I was 5cm (not that I know how to tell when that is! ), And/Or when I can't talk through contractions any more. So 5-7 min. apart sounds a bit early to me, but I don't have any other labor to compare it to. I understand her concerns, but I am also concerned about being put on the clock, and or the hospital environment being stressful and affecting labor. I am now thinking about erring on the side of 5 min, rather than 7 min.

When did you go to the hospital? Did your transport affect how your labor was progressing? How long were you there before baby came?

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