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My son is almost 27 months. He's been getting services for speech through the county for the last 4 months. He gets 30 minutes a month of speech and 90 minutes a month with his "teacher". No idea what her actual description is. She missed all of December.

Anyway, he's still not talking really. He vocalizes a lot, babbles, and says a few words here and there. He is a pro at non-verbal communication. They keep changing their minds as to what they want to label him as. His teacher keeps saying how she doesn't think he's Autistic, but she wants to have him screened (fine!) to see if she can get him into a special school.

I just feel like this whole process is a jumbled mess. One day, he's "globally delayed", the next he's a mystery and she says, "I can see his intelligence and his purpose through play", and today we're back to, "He doesn't do XYZ with his toys because he's so behind developmentally." I'm so confused!

It seems like they are placing a lot of emphasis on his ability to build with blocks, dress himself, do puzzles, and similar. He can build towers. I have no doubt he *can* do puzzles, he just doesn't want to. He assists in dressing, but he'd much rather be naked. LOL.

The only part of this process I like is that when he turns 3 in October, assuming he has an IEP, he will get to go to an amazing preschool that he otherwise couldn't get into until 4. Since he's basically made no progress in the speech department, they're leaning towards him getting an IEP.
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