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Re: Your roasted chicken method?

I go the Thomas Keller method and it's the simplest possible, but results in the juiciest chicken ever.

Remove everything from the cavity. Rinse and pat dry or don't rinse, up to you depending on where you got it.

Put in roasting pan and sprinkle salt liberally over the whole chicken, breast UP. Roast at 425 for 60-75 mins until temperature is 180 degrees at the thigh.

Rest for at least three minutes.

No other fat added. It turns out better if the bird is room temp before hitting the oven but if I do not have time to do that I put it in the oven, then turn on for preheat so it heats up with the oven.

I sprinkle cubed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, whatever I have around the chicken in the pan. Takes me less than five minutes to prep this meal and it's my husband's favorite. We have it every week without fail.
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