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Re: So tired of the screaming/crying!

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
ok I am reading more of what you wrote, he has too much sugar in diet and he just needs to stop talking to you like hes the adult. i think you let him get away with too much so you gotta get stiff on it or you will never break this. I have a friend w 3 kids and her 2 yr old tells her what to do. its awful to watch. she constantly gives in so her kids know to run her over till she caves
My kids don't get poptarts, cookies, etc. every single day. I buy something small (a treat, if you will) at the store, each time we go. It has to last a week between three kids.

For example: today he had toast and milk for breakfast. For lunch he had a corn dog, a banana, and chocolate milk. For snack after school he had strawberries and blueberries, and he didn't drink but one sip (maybe) of his yoohoo.... but that was after all of this started.
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