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Re: Which is more toxic Lysol or bleach?

Bleach evaporates so it doesn't remain on the toys when your children put them in their mouths so I use that. It is irritating to lungs of children if done in their presence so best to do it after they go home. I also recommend washing in plain soap and water whatever you can that won't be damaged - plastic toys and blocks etc, and then bleach spraying them and leave them out to dry. Remember too that the bleach/water solution in your spray bottle needs to be changed every day or it isn't effective (and smells worse).

Lysol doesn't evaporate and is still toxic and bad for lungs if breathed in, so I don't use that. And yes rinsing it immediately means it isn't effective.

We collect toys in a bucket through the day if someone puts their mouth on it, then clean at the end of the day.

There are a couple of natural disinfecting products that do claim to kill flu and virus. One is by Method. Also Tea Tree Oil does disinfect too. Neither of these will be approved by your organization.
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