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I am right there with you mama. Since she turned 5 it's been major draaammmmma city. Sad face, whining, saying "all you ever want to do is make me SAD!" Oy!

The only thing I have found that helps is to be super silly when she gets the whinies and fussies. Like i will respond to her in a very exaggerated whine, complete with sad knuckles dragging on the floor and it usually gets her giggling and in a better mood. I learned that trick from the book Playful Parenting. Being playful is generally the last thing I feel like doing but it usually lightens the mood a bit :-)

I know you were looking to just vent and not give advice but sometimes I can't help myself. When mine complain about snack options I just say in a dull uninterested voice "okay, don't eat." and go about my business. That usually stops the complaining about food and they just eat whats there.

Okay, no more advice...I personally hate the screaming and whining and general drama queen stuff, so I can relate to what you're dealing with!
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