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Originally Posted by TrennaII
We quit having stains, ever, when we started using Country Save detergent.

Careful with the Oxygen bleach soaks ... those will shorten the life of your diapers. Better to just use a bit in the wash and then sun what doesn't come out.

I think most often, we just "get over" the EBF stains, and they disappear before too long.

Since your detergent has "soap" in the title, I'm expecting it's a soap based cleaner and not a detergent. The soap-based cleaners don't tend to get things as clean. Consider trying a true detergent ... Country Save, Biokleen, or one of the big brands everyone recommends. Detergent is a highly opinionated topic ... these days everyone suggests Tide, which I personally didn't like at all on diapers.

A tablespoon of washing soda or Bac Out might help too. Your soap probably doesn't have enzymes, which Bac Out can provide. Still, if you don't have smell and you only have stains, enzymes may not help.
I'm sorry... I did say soap. But I didn't mean it. Lol. Promise!

I'm currently in a fight with DH about water temp. He wants it super hot. So hot that I'm concern my Thirsties covers will die in the hot cycle. So I do the warm prewash... Which is really long, then I'd LIKE to do a hot wash... I have to restart the machine then anyway. I suppose I could pull out the covers after the prewash (I use detergent in there)... They ought to be clean, right? The cotton can stand the hot wash I'm sure. Just don't want to ruin the covers.

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