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Re: HS Check in. Dec 31-Jan 13

Lyn--that's awesome that EI program where you are at goes that old--they have really good services if you get a good therapist. Here it only goes to age 3, and they will not evaluate any kids after age 2.5. You have to go through the school district or go private at that point. It probably will mostly be games but they can have a huge impact on development, and the therapists will be able to teach you a lot that you can use to help him. I hope you get the help you need soon! It's frustrating when you can't get the services you need. My daughter was supposed to be in occupational therapy since age 2....she's now a bit over 3 and I could count the appointments she's had on one hand. It stinks. Hopefully once they get the eval done they will get on the ball and your son will improve quickly.

Kristin--The Dr. didn't give me a specific dx for Keegan (but I still think he is dyslexic). He is a pedatric optometrist who specializes in reading issues. The only reason I haven't quit the program is because every single comment he has made about Keegan and his learning styles have been spot on so far. So I think I am going to hold out and hope that he is right. He talked quite a bit about his learning styles, and Keegan doesn't visualize things, so that is one of the main goals of the program. He also doesn't recognize patterns in words (hence the word families) and it's like he almost can't attempt to decode any word he comes across. If he doesn't know a word, he will substitue one that would make sense (like saying "small" when the word is "little"). I hated to ask the Dr. too many questions the first time we went because Keegan was in the room with me and he gets really uncomfortable with people talk about him. Then when he returned my call I was doing gymnastics with Mom is going to go with me to the follow up appointment, so hopefully I can send Keegan out with her and get a lot more info then.

As for us...We didn't do a regular school day but did do some lifeskills (rooster butchering and hauling wood), Keegan's reading program and reading. Hopeing for our big breakthrough soon!!
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