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Re: A just turned 3YO is perfectly safe FF'ing...right?

I say you don't beat yourself up by turning a 3yo. When I first got preggo with dd I never thought about carseats. Then I learned a little more and decided our goal was 2yrs old. Then she got to about 18 mths and I was like "heck no are we turning her at 2! She will rf until she outgrows her radian"

She is 2yrs and 7 mths now and still rfing 95% of the time. We have turned her ffing in the truck because it is just so hard to get her rfing in it with the seat that will fit and the suicide doors and the fact that we RARELY drive it anyway. But I think we will turn her rfing again and just deal with it. In the car (which she is in 95% of the time) she has never ridden ffing and won't until she outgrows her seat. If that is at 3, then we pat ourselves on the back and turn her. But my kids are pretty small so we are thinking she will be 4, but probably closer to 5 and that is FINE with us!

I can't imagine what disadvantages outway the benefit of rfing for as long as you possibly can! You would have to have an outrageously good reason to turn a kid just because someone told you to. One look at joels journeyreminds me why I keep my kids rfing as long as I can!
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