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Re: Need to decompress a little

You got me crying.

THANK YOU I REALLY REALLY needed that more than you could know.

I'm just tired of fighting, tired of everything being a fight for him. I feel like we get excited because he is doing something new, like this weekend he JUST started to stand for a couple seconds at the ottoman when we stand him at it and then we get brought back to earth by therapists or doctors with not so great news.

The not so great news just makes me feel guilty even more and like it's all my fault that he has to go through all of this in the first place. Which I know isn't true but it's hard not to think like that when I am his mama.

Originally Posted by justsamma View Post
Take a deep breath!
I have CP. I was born 5 week earlier than your little. I was never, ever supposed to walk or talk, or even eat on my own. This expectation kept being set over & over for my Mom until I was three.
I'm 25, with a full education, taking college classes online, have lived on my own since I was 18, have a full time job, a [almost] wife & we'll be having babies this year.
I was at a 6 month bracket when I was over a year old. I had more therapies than my mom knew how to manage, I had IEPs, I was misdiagnosed SO MANY times, my mom was given so many "she won't...." lectures she thought I was going to need to be shipped off to a care home.

He is still so little, with a brain and body that is playing catch up.
All you can do is the best you can. Be his cheer leader, his coach, his voice. Just because "they" say he can't or won't doesn't make it true.
CP is VERY, VERY tricky. In 25 years of meeting people with CP I have never met any 2 people with the same limitations. They can tell you what they *THINK* his future looks like based on what they have seen before, but that doesn't mean it is written in stone for him.
Keep your chin up mama. He loves you & I promise you that no matter what happens in his life he will always love & appreciate everything you do.
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