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Re: Cloth pads - what do you like best?

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
I'm go-ing to start making mama cloth to sell I wanted to see what YOU like in your mama cloth
Favorite top layer : Cotton Sherpa

Favorite absorbent layer :Bamboo fleece

Favorite backing: Fleece

Favorite length for liners :9-10"

Favorite length for day pads :9-10"

Favorite length for overnight/postpartum :12-13"

Do you like different options (lots of different fabrics, styles, different absorbecy in all sizes, ect.) or simplicity? (light liners, moderate regular length, heavy long length, all minky or all bamboo, ect.) : Simplicity

Exposed fleece (on the wings, like pampered mama, go with the flo, ect.) or all fabric tops including wings (like tree hugger) : All fabric top.

What is most important to you assuming they both function well - cuteness, or price?: Price

What attracts you more - low flat rate shipping, or more add on shipping the more you buy (ie, less shipping for a smaller order vs. flat rate) : Add on shipping

Anything else you can add would be SUPER helpful! I'm excited to get started I'm just feeling wishy washy with what I'd like to do.

Any shop names are also welcomed!! I had one in mind, but nothing is set in stone. I'll be selling mama cloth mainly, maybe nursing pads, wetbags and family cloth as well.
Answers in blue.

ETA - I hate serged pads, the seams rub...

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