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Originally Posted by Jenn135
My 9 month holds my boob like its a cheeseburger. Holds, as in pinches and squeezes. Anyone have tips on stopping this madness? It's been going on for months now. We EBF and I've tried giving him other things to hold, and blocking his hands with mine. He fusses and stops eating until I move my hand. I won't stop breastfeeding, just hoping to stop the burger grab. thanks mamas!
My dd does it too. She is 11 months old. She goes between cheeseburger and kneading me like a cat. Drives me crazy. No advice, but would like to know how to stop it too. I have started bringing myself a distraction when I go to nurse like a book or my cell phone so I don't think about it as much. I look like I am nursing a baby tiger from all the scratches though lol
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