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Originally Posted by max'smamma
Here's what I do to cut out the hem bumps in the middle or the end of my padfold.

Fold up the hemmed edge. The top part is about the width I want the padfold to be. It took just a few tries to figure out how much.

Then I fold that bottom hem back down in half

I then bring the top hemmed edge down like so

Then, I fold that back up in half and smooth out.

After that, just fold to preferred size for the padfold. In half would give you 10 layers (I know...not as great as 12), or to make it a little shorter, I fold down just a few inches and then fold that in half. That makes 15 layers in the wet zone for my little guy.

This places the hemmed edges where my fingers are, in the folds. Its nice and smooth
This is how I've always padfolded as well.
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