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Re: Should I try and get my kids chicken pox?

If you don't plan on getting the vaccine it is best to get them early.

with or without the shot, the majority of people get it sometime in their life and if its not pox then its shingles. as you get older, the scaring is more prevalent. little kids heal quickly w no scars typically
Not all vaccinated kids get chicken pox. It prevents then in 95% of children and the ones that get it have less severe cases. My pediatrician hasn't seen chicken pox in a long time. You only get shingles if you already have chicken pox. Shingles is reactivated chicken pox. Shingles is becoming more common because being around people with chicken pox is like an inoculation. Shingles is more common and severe in people who had chicken pox then in people who had the vaccine.
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