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Originally Posted by MrsFishyMarineWife
We can't afford a foonf.

I really want him RF'ing till 4 but I feel like I'm running out if options.

I think the bight in my seat is what makes the radian not fit very well. I have a Nissan rogue. It was really reclined without the AA but with the AA it was super straight and he likes being reclined a little.

We have to drive past BBB this weekend so ill try him in the size for me 70 again. The straps were above his shoulders when the headwings weren't pushing his shoulders down. He has broad shoulders.

Even at his shoulders the headwings were right on his shoulders.
Yeah, foonfs actually cost more than importing some seats. Bummer, that.

Curious if you tried adjusting the angle of the radian with the tether when using the AA? If it was too upright, using the tether to adjust it is allowed.

In addition to the s4m, there's also the new peg perego convertible to try when you go past BBB.

If neither of those work, turn him and don't feel guilty. You did the best you could with current carseat technology. And FFing at 3 is safe.
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