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Re: kissauvs 0- discouraged.

Although I loved the kissaluvs in theory (so soft and fluffy, right?) I ended up using the orange edged prefolds a lot more when my li'l one was a newborn. Just seemed to get a better fit that way.. Maybe it's the snappi, or the fact that you can tweake them a little.
Either way, don't let the newborn cloth diapering stage scare you off. Once the baby hits 2 months or so I think it gets easier. A lot of one size options start working then, with a little more chunk on those cute legs. I went with bumgenius as soon as they fitted and have never looked back!
Good luck!

Oh, and about the stains, BF poo stains will disappear after a few washes, I still use my old prefolds a year later for wiping up spills, use as changing pad etc, and the stains from those first months of power pooping are long gone.
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