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Re: poop training?

Originally Posted by Shimpie View Post
I had not been successful at getting dd to poo on the potty until she was in the bathroom with me four days ago. TMI warning....She heard my BM splash in the toilet water and it suddenly got her attention, "What was that Mama? Was that your poo?" She was giggling over the noise, so I decided to run with it and told her that she could hear her poo plop in the water too if she pooped on the toilet. I reminded her about plopping poo with every trip to the potty unti she finally needed to go #2. Success! So far she's had 3 successful poops on the toilet. Yay! Try it out on your little ones. I won't patent it.....yet.
That is awesome! I wish it'd work with mine, but I think he's maybe a little *too* used to accompanying me to the bathroom ... LOL ... none of it is interesting to him anymore.
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