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Re: Medication Issues

I feel your pain about rural living! I grew up on the Gulf coast of Florida. B and I met in a very uppity area of NC, but after oldest son was born moved back to B's hometown, which is a rinky dink little rural town. WHOA-talk about culture shock, haha. It took me about a year to stop threatening to go back to NC.

When we conceived K here I had such a hard time finding a GOOD doctor. I'm very high risk so I was very careful about doctors, etc. I ended up with one really ****ty one and switched to a doctor with better bedside manner but that almost had be undergo a completely unnecessary c-section on the preface of complete placenta previa...which I find out ONE WEEK before my scheduled c-section and only by chance that I did not have any longer! I found out after my daughter was born that this doctor was "knife happy", probably because it put more money in his pocket. I reported him to my insurance and last I knew they had removed him as a covered doctor. My hospital birth experience was pretty good but PP was a totally different story... completely backwards with certain "policies" and "protocols"-absolutely no respect for the Mom as the MOM.

With Noah, I went to a completely different state, just to find a doctor and hospital that was much for forward and "baby friendly", about an hour away. It was totally worth it though! Best experiences I've had!

It's just scary the lack of quality care around here AND even scarier is that most people don't even know they're getting ****ty care because this is all they've ever known! But then again, I am a very assertive, educated patient.
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