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From anti-vax to pro-vax?

I promise I am not trying to start a debate. I have no interest in listening to people debate. I simply want to hear from people who were anti-vax but then changed their minds. If they then went on to vax their children fully, or selectively. I would like to know their reasoning, the hows and whys of changing their minds. If you aren't comfortable posting here, please pm me.

My little disclaimer- The moment you start using any insulting language towards "the other side" is the moment I stop considering anything you say. If you can't make your point without stooping to insults, I just can't believe you have a point.

Oh, and I tried to find if this thread already existed and did not find one about this particular topic. If one does exist, feel free to link me to it. I wanted to avoid posting this, but this is info I really want and need! So play nice so I don't have to regret asking Thank you!
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