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Re: Chicken pox/mmr vaccine reaction?

Originally Posted by LittleThingsMama638 View Post
Yes! My dd only got MMR and had a reaction. All over her face and neck. Hers showed before two weeks though. We think hers was an allergic reaction to the eggs since it showed so soon and wasn't the topical rash. He allergist and doctor both said if it was a rash from the shot, it would have been by the injection site not her face.
Our son is allergic to eggs so we delayed the shot for a year until we had read enough studies to show that an allergic reaction would be highly unlikely. Our doctors agreed with yours that it took too long to pop up to be an allergy but it certainly added another level of excitement to the health department's investigation.

Originally Posted by AniMommy View Post
We had mmr rash closer to 3 to 4 weeks post-vax. The spots were flat, pale pink to rose and pinprick sized dots all over trunk bum and limbs. It didn't itch.
Our son's MMR reaction was itchy and he even broke skin when scratching. Felt horrible for the poor guy.
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