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Re: Let's talk dishes

Right now as far as actual dishes are concerned we are down to two plates, three saucers, and three bowls from our set of four each that we got when we married (plus two of the matching mugs). Besides that we have three plastic bowls from an old set I had from before we married that I would love to get rid of, but it is helpful to have right now with a three year old (he is the one who broke two of our plates at one time while "helping" with the dishes). He has a small stack of plastic cups with a handful of lids that he uses disposable straws with (but he uses one straw till the cup goes in the dishwasher).

We have two glass iced tea glasses, four average sized glass glasses, and four juice sized glass glasses (plus four shot glasses that we used for little dude to learn how to drink out of a cup with no sippie). We also have like six stainless steel and two glass water bottles (those could stand to be weeded down).

No real clue on the silverware. I think we started out with a set of eight of everything, plus eight extra teaspoons and a set of five serving utensils? But I know a few pieces have gone missing. We also have a handful of espresso spoons and a little camping spoon and knife that were part of a three piece set (lost the fork) that were perfect for kiddo when he outgrew baby spoons.

We do have a few too many mugs...besides the two that match our dishes we have four others, plus two cappuccino mugs (that double as bowls sometimes) and a little espresso set of six mugs and six saucers!! We don't drink coffee that much!!

We have four mixing bowls, another glass bowl that is technically a mixing bowl but DH likes it for eating pasta or salad out of cause it is bigger, and four glass storage containers with lids. Right now we also have a handful of canning jars with lids that we use sometimes for food storage. One skillet, one big pot, two saucepans...with lids for all except the skillet shares a lid with the big pot.

Baking stuff is the bigger thing. We have one rectangular ceramic pan/casserole dish, two smaller ceramic casserole dishes, one metal roasting pan, two cookie sheets, one 12 cup muffin pan, one six cup jumbo muffin pan, one round metal cake pan, two glass loaf pans, and two glass pie two cooling racks!! Those will probably get cut down if we end up going to a more paleo diet soon.

We also have a Magic Bullet that had all sorts of accessories, but we only kept one smaller and one larger chopping/mixing container with the two blades. Then we have our cheap full sized blender, a breadmaker, and a crockpot. On the chopping block (so to speak) are our coffee maker, our George Foreman with interchangeable cooking plates, and a hot sandwich pocket maker...they are just hanging around till we get a chance to get rid of them.

Other than that, we have two drawers of miscellaneous utensils...big mixing spoons, pancake turner, whisk, can opener, measuring stuff, cookie cutters, etc. I go through these regularly and try to pare it down, but we do pretty much use it all. We also have a cold brew system, a stovetop espresso maker, a Pampered Chef food chopper, and a few glass beverage containers (for extra cold brew, lemonade, or ice tea). I am sure I am forgetting a few random things (can't remember if we have a Popsicle mold anymore, for example)...but that is pretty much what is in our kitchen.

I just make sure to have disposable stuff on hand if we are having a party or house guests for more than a day or even for us for holiday times when we are using more big dishes/pans for prep....just to cut down on the massive amount of washing involved. Right now, even though we have plenty of everything disposable except for bowls I still wonder what my MIL is gonna say when she arrives later today for a visit. Last time she was here she kept teasing me (but it felt more like ridicule) about how I didn't "believe" in dishes!! Ugh!!
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