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Re: 'The talk' for uninterested older kids?

I use the Just Say It approach. My 12 yr old haaattteeesssssss talking about sex. But I usually bring it up at random times when she is trapped (like in the car), say a few things, then drop it. A month or 2 or 6 later, I might say something else. I usually remind her if she has questions to lmk. She always responds "Mooommmmmmm!!!!!!".
I do this with all the touchy subjects, which for us are s3x, drugs, and her bio dad. They need to hear you say it, even if it makes them uncomfortable. He may be curious but to shy to say anything. Through the years, just keep it slow and steady. He may never open up, and may act really uninterested or embarrassed. But keep doing it.
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