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What is the process for getting an ASD assessment where you live? Do you have a pediatrician you are working with or just early intervention?
I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about your medical system, but here we can have early intervention service by referral from a parent or a play group leader or health nurse or daycare provider but through those services alone we could never get an actual official diagnosis of anything. To get an ASD assessment we have to see our regular family doctor (GP) and have a referral to a pediatrician, the pediatrician does a developmental assessment in the office, about an hour long interview with parent and a check up on the little one and through that assesses whether there is grounds for concern and where to go from there. If the ped thinks that there is possible ASD he/she puts in a referral to the autism assessment network and from that point it is mandated that a child under 6 must be assessed using the ADOS test by a multidisciplinary team within 6 months (12 months for children over 6) and that is basically the only way a ASD happens unless you have the money or a private insurance that will pay for a private assessment, but there aren't a lot of private physiologists around that are trained in ADOS administration because the services are available through our socialized system. I would recommend finding some parents in your area that have had their child assessed and find out exactly what the process is and get your back up, push and push until you have some answers and some services because 30min a month of speech is garbage your son needs more than that obviously or he would be progressing.

Also I'm not an expert but have two kids that have gone through this process and most likely the reason they are focusing on those key areas are because dressing your self is a complex adaptive skill and being able to/or not able to do it by 3 speaks to his general ability for adaptive behaviors, block play is a great way to judge fine motor development and reciprocal play and puzzles show analytical ability, and are generally a good way to get some emotions out of kids so they can demonstrate their emotion regulation.
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