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I'm a bit more middle of the road so I don't know if my opinion matters to you. I fall into the too much, too soon category and my children don't get vaccinated at all until age 3, and then very slowly. My 4.25 year old is now "caught up" to where her UPK classmates are as of the 18th of this month, on time for Kindergarten registration.

My opinion is that our lifestyle (sahm and domestic travel only) doesn't dictate that my babies need to be injected with chemicals so early on, but I am a believer in herd immunity (it's a fact) and I think we should do our part because we've chosen to be full, participating members in our little corner of the world. In other words, our kids will be going to public school and participating in community events.

Eta I am still not fully pleased by the varicella vax, but New York is an all or nothing state so I saved it for the last possible minute so to speak.
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