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Re: :'(

Originally Posted by makenziesmommy2013 View Post
I know I never attended on anyone sending anything but someone had pm telling me to post in the FFS place if anyone had anything they could donate and I didnt know hoe or where that was. That was my fault for posting not knowing what they ment. And yes the people on the post were very helpful and gave great advice and I'm thankful. I would just like the whole thing dropped. I didnt mean to ask for anything and make people mad so from now on ill just be asking questions about pregnancy and such. Thank you all.

In order to back up your story, please let me know who pmd you telling you to ask for FFS/donations. That is not something that is allowed on this site.

Nobody here is mad at you from what I can see. You simply have been told that you may not continue to use this site to ask for things.

If you have pregnancy related questions,want to chat,etc then by all means post away If it is found that you are once again trying to use the site to gain items for free, your account here will be removed. I'm sorry if that sounds cold/heartless of me.I really am but I've worked on here a very long time and I can't recall a single time when a new member asking for help actually checked out as truly needing it.

Hopefully you have been given enough ideas for contacting help local to you and something works out

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