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Re: Fever and daycare policies

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
I've never really understood the "teething" thing. DS never had a fever when he was teething, so it's just odd to me.
Originally Posted by doodah View Post
I believe there is some debate about whether teething causes fevers or not.
Originally Posted by doodah View Post
LOL I have had EVERYTHING blamed on teething....violent tantrums, aggressive behavior, and all sorts of things.
Just fwiw - some of my kids have gotten a fever for a day, then wake up with a tooth the next morning, and that's their only teething symptom. If they do it with the first tooth, it continues with every tooth.
Some have no symptoms (DD) and some get really grouchy for a day, along with a fever (DS3!). We don't blame teething for anything until after the tooth comes through, though, so it's always in retrospect.
While they have the fever (or even just red, flushed cheeks), we keep them with us and don't send them around other kids.

But, just FTR, for some kids, a slight fever is all they get for a teething symptom.

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
Can you imagine a daycare provider being able to provider ANY extra attention to a sick child when they have anywhere from several to 20+ other children to care for?
I kwym. Even just at home, I hate it when DH is gone and one of the kids is sick cuz I have to care for them and the other kids. When it's both DH and I home, we split care so the sick kid pretty much has one-on-one care.
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