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Re: July 2013 Chat: Jan. 9-20

Originally Posted by simplyleah87 View Post
I think my 18 month old is getting his 2 year molars, he's been getting up at night, which is very un-usual. and I am TIRED.
I am sorry! I hope he feels better soon so you can feel better. :hug:

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
Ladybug...U agree with u about the testing. It's good u r so close to the tech. the pump today. No miracle solution yet but hoping for relief in the near future? And the needle did hurt. Don't think I can stick myself...rough day here but I do have some help my MIL got here to help with the kids til DH gets back on sat. Yay...
Glad you got your pump! I hope you feel better soon!

Originally Posted by nicolejshannon View Post
nicolejshannon - Congratulations on finding out you are having a boy! You found out so early that your giving me hope I might find out gender at my 14 week ultrasound.

Thanks! It was my 15 week check up and pretty obvious. Ill try and post a pic. I asked all my friends if the parts in the picture could possibly be a hand but they say no, lol
That is obvious!

AFM- I just got back from the RE. They released me today. I have been going there on and off since August of 2005. They have got me pregnant 5 times and found my cancer. It was really hard to leave there. I promised them that I will come back to show them the baby that the took care of for 5 years for me.

The baby is fine. Measuring 10w 6d (I am 11w 1d), heart rate of 170 bpm. I have 3D ultrasound photos on my blog.

From here I have an ultrasound on February 1, Oncologist on Wednesday (Jan. 16) and OB on February 12. I probably will not know my c-section date till the next appointment with my OB (mid March I am thinking). If I had to guess I would say July 19. Which is sad since I deliver in Philly and there is a Red Sox/Yankee series that weekend at Fenway! I delivered DS the same way though. My dog's name is Fenway.
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