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Originally Posted by Mollysmomma

I'm sorry... I did say soap. But I didn't mean it. Lol. Promise!

I'm currently in a fight with DH about water temp. He wants it super hot. So hot that I'm concern my Thirsties covers will die in the hot cycle. So I do the warm prewash... Which is really long, then I'd LIKE to do a hot wash... I have to restart the machine then anyway. I suppose I could pull out the covers after the prewash (I use detergent in there)... They ought to be clean, right? The cotton can stand the hot wash I'm sure. Just don't want to ruin the covers.

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I had a look at the Dapple ingredients, I'm not sure but it does sound like it's more soap based and is lacking important ingredients. It has enzymes though, so that's helpful, and plenty of people do fine with soap based detergents.
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