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Re: ISO:"Beater" wrap IHA: Carriers, belly bandit

Originally Posted by starbeam View Post
i'm interested in your yellow GMDs and your teething bracelet. i have a beige gauze wrap to trade if you're interested. it's in VGUC. it's not super pretty, but it's surprisingly supportive, very thing and airy (awesome for summer), and IMO a great length (i'm a size 14 and i could do a front cross carry no's probably about a size 4-5). it could be really pretty if you dyed it, and it's light enough to dye pretty easily. it has enough stretch to pop baby in and out without unwrapping/rewrapping, but it regains its shape, doesn't get all baggy like a moby/sleepy wrap, and it's safe to do back carries in. PM me if you're interested.
Just seeing this mama! Pm'd you back!! Sorry for the delay!
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