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Re: How mainstream is cloth in your area?

Originally Posted by flylady0505 View Post
Hi lol not at all I am in NJ no one has heard of these type of cloth before only old school pins and flats I was shocked
When I came across the wonderful world of cloth diapers when people see them they love them and shocked at same time.
I am from NJ and I know everyone will look at me wierd if I told them. There are a couple of stores though throughout the state and awhile ago there was a neat little store in Red Bank that had everything!

Originally Posted by mommadeeof4+ View Post
we live in massachusetts about 1/2 an hour north of boston and we are odd balls around here...i do not know anyone in real life that cloth diapers or has more than 3 kids and only know 1 person with 3 kids lol. Also I am realizing how extra weird we are because I am having a very hard time finding anyone who homeschools, i cant find any sort of co-op or group! We do not belong here, we want to move sooooo bad!
Western Mass they cd a little more--couple more stores.

AFM I am sure people do it around here Not my town specifically but probably more in the country. But there is only one cd store I think in the my state and not sure if it is B&M but it is pretty far away.

When I started to cd I was surrounded by a ton of women who did so that is how I started my research. I was in WV. Practically all the moms in the breast feeding support group did and it always turned into a cd discussion group There is a store in the town I lived in now.

In NY capital region. I would run into some from time to time at a grocery co-op and I got a ton of responses to my garage sale--people asking for cloth. But I never really hung out with people who did. I think I was always more excited about it then they were
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