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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

I don't know where we fall, we definitely "tailor" the vaxes to each kids' needs/reactions/situation. But I'm not fully "for" or "against" vaxes.

DD was fully vaxed, except for varicella.
DS1 reacted to his 2mos needles. We held off anything more until he was 2yrs old. At that point we did the rest of his "baby" needles, except for varicella, but he reacted again to the dptp. So he's not had his school "booster shot", as it's mmr + dptp.
DS2 had all his baby needles, excluding varicella. Has not had his "booster shot".
DS3 had his 2, 4, 6 and 12 month shots. He hasn't had any since then, not because of a reaction by him, but because I had too much anxiety to go to the Dr's office after losing Elli.

I'm not that concerned about them. If we get around to finishing them, great. If not, meh.

FWIW, if you wait until the child is over 2 years old, the # of shots they need for "full immunity" for some things decreases a ton - for example, there was one shot (hib? I can't remember exactly which one) that DS1 would have needed 3-4 doses of as an infant, but after 24 months they use a different version and only need one dose.
That kinda has made me want to hold off on any shots for Hiccup until after 2yrs. But we'll see how things go when the time comes.
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