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Re: Dairy Elimination

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
I did this as well the last time around. I cut all dairy at 37 weeks to give it time to clear my system.
I hadn't thought that far ahead. Im thinking Id better do the same. DD2 didn't have the rashes or anything like that but if i had one bite of anything dairy she would vomit till her stomach was completly empty. We had to suppliment with formula a few times till the dairy was out of my system so she could nurse again.
She is now 5 and still can not tolerate dairy or soy, but can now tolerate things that are lactose free. If she has one bite of something thats not she will still vomit till her stomach is completly empty. If she takes lactade as soon as she eats it, she will simply have gross poop.
Its totaly worth the elimination!

thanks for the prepairing for next baby advice.
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