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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

We were anti-vax. Our children got Chicken pox from my shingles. Its was no big deal at all. Confirmed our feelings about vaxxing. My good friend has 9 children. When they got the mumps in their house, only the three oldest got it - they're the only vaccinated ones. Confirmed my feelings on vaxes. Then my 2.5 and 4 year olds got pertussis from who knows where. Positive cultures. It was truly, unbelievably awful. Coughing until they threw up for weeks. A horrid cough for almost 2 months. I knew from our research it was dangerous for babies and not a big deal for adults and older kids. What I didn't know was the misery and sleeplessness and frustration and pain it would cause my toddlers for weeks on end and they had a mild case. It changed my opinion on that vax. Our pediatrician threatened to fire us for not vaxxing (they just changed their policy). I reevaluated. I re-researched. Two of them were starting sports and school. Our exposure class was changing. For us, it was time. We don't due Flu or rotovirus or chicken pox vaxxes here, ever, for anyone. The pedi and I came up with a schedule I can live with. We go in every 2 months for a nurse appt according to our schedule. My guys got prevnar, HIB, and 2 rounds of DTAP. DS2 has nasty reactions to DTAP: the first was a fever that lasted 4 days and was 104 degrees. The second was his leg was bright red, firey hot, painful and itchy and rock hard for 5 days. So he is done with DTAP. Adverse reactions reported BTW. Today they both (DS1 is up to date) got Hepatitis B to be sure DS2 can even handle the stable, predictable vaxxes. We'll see. They will eventually complete the Hep B series and get Hep A at kindergarten. MMR is the one I cannot bring myself to administer because of the side effects and I am not doing polio since I find it so very rare and the VAERS reactions listing is a little much. So we went from none to a few, all at over 3 years of age. If we are blessed with another LO at some point, it will be back to the drawing board.
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