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Re: Your roasted chicken method?

I find it to actually be one of the easiest meals in our house! Doing it in the crockpot, I often rest it on some carrots/celery so the chicken isn't against the edge - cooks more even. Soem water in the bottom. I do find this method more bland however, and I often end up with too much water, making the meat loose flavor.

In the oven. Throw veggies and spices on it if you want....they only help but with out them you are fine. I often rub down with olive oil and spices. Then cover with foil. This is after removing the organs which really is easy - they often come in a bag! You can cook them up for the dog or for gravy, or toss em, your choice. I usually cook mine for longer at 325, it comes out more tender. The only tricky part is getting it out while still yummy juicy but obviously once its done. Worst case you can put it back int he oven, or just cut off what you want to eat and stick it in the microwave...done that.

My husband likes it when I take off the foil for the last 20-45 min, but I often don't....I'd rather I just peel off that skin (easy) and he doesn't eat it!
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