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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

This is a VERY informative thread. My son is coming up on his 12 month appt. and I know I am going in there with a plan for his future vaccinations, but I am still on the fence. He has been fully vaxed until now, but like the pp he had TERRIBLE reactions to DTAP. I think we are still going to be fully vax, but just delayed. I guess I am the flip of your title!

Also, I have also considered not giving him the flu vaccine. He hasn't had it yet and is the only one of his "peers" (haha) in play group that has not had it. I got it and my husband got it and we thought that was enough. Then I saw a mother today that wouldn't let her 14 month old out of the stroller at an indoor playground because she was not vaccinated. I know that is extreme, but it made me think? Should I just do it for peace of mind?
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