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Sale! $2 off each item until monday! shorties, covers and sets!

$2 off anything paid for by monday! im making a trip to the post office!
All wool has been washed and lanolized in euclan wool wash. I have a bottle of scented spray lanolin I will include for free with the whole lot. Please feel free to make offers, I just really need the paypal and want this stuff gone.
I also have tons of other diapers available (fitteds, AI2, AIO and lots of bamboo inserts).
Craigslist link in case my images don't show up:

Sweetie bird fashions Wool shortie set. Fits 12-24 months. The shorts fit until about 24 months. Shorts are nice and soft but thinner. Perfect for playing but not great for night time or long naps. $20ppd
Shorties set: waist 8 inches (elastic), rise 9 inches, inseam 3 inches.

Fall ooga longies set. The shirt is 2T and was worn and washed once. Longies were worn a few times and lanolized. The longies fit from 18months-2T. Nice and thick longies were perfect for nighttime! $35ppd
Longies set: waist 10 inches (drawstring), rise front 7 inches and back 9 inches, inseam 9.5 inches. These cuff nicely!


Loveybums Large (18-30lbs) wool interlock cover in EEUC. Lanolized and worn twice. I should have bought snaps. This is bullet proof! $30ppd

CCbaby OS wool jersey cover. $14ppd

Wool shorties. Fit my chunky baby from about clothing size 12 months-24months. At 12 months they were a bit baggy. He's in 2T clothing now and can still wear these. Super soft and thick! Perfect for nighttime! $20ppd
Measurements: The blue striped shorties: waist 10.5 inches, rise 8 in front 10 in back, inseam 2.5 inches. These have a drawstring so they can fit a skinnier waist. They also stretch quite a bit.


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