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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

I was never anti-vax but I was more nervous and skeptical of them when I started my parenting journey then I am. I was selective and very slow with vacciness but I am now in the process of catching my kids up on shots. There was a time when getting shots made me nervous but not any more. Some of the claims from the anti vax side I roll my eyes at now especially from certain sources like Mercola or Natural Earth News. I still would go a little slower than the current schedule but I do eventually get them all and get them on a regular basis now. In the past I got the ones I felt were most important and held off on the others and had a really slow schedule. I especially thought I was not going to do varicella but I changed my mind about that too.

Science based medicine isn't the best website out there and is biased but it is a good look at the other side of the issue on the interwebs. I actually find that site a breath of fresh air.

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