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Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat
Talk about a busy day.

We had a slow start because I wasn't feeling well, but after I felt better it was go time.

We went to see sea turtles that are in a rehabilitation place. Like they got beat up by a boat or washed up shore and got too cold. Then we went to a tourist shop. Then some lunch and a visit to the beach. We went to a wildlife sanctuary and took a bunch of pictures. Then back to the beach for some shells. Now we're back at the house and I'm doing laundry.

I've got to get everything packed. We're going home a day early. I miss Rylee too much. I wish I could bring the weather home with us.
That's so cool you got to see some sea turtles! My brother pulls balloons out of the water off Cape Cod that sea turtles can become tangled in. (He's in the coast guard)

Hope you have safe travels tomorrow!

Caden took a 3 hour nap & is now driving me absolutely crazy! He is just running around getting himself into trouble! Not listening & just being a pest!

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