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Re: Cow Patties!! Hidden Gem or what

I asked her to make a custom cover like a flip diaper. First it came with only a front flap and that flap was way too long, snaped on the lowest setting it was 1/4 of the diaper. It didn't have a back flap so I sent it back to be remade. When I got them back the second time the back flap is still a joke, she still didn't do her research.

The 5 diapers with 2 different patterns I ordered had different color snaps. When I went to open one of the snaps it almost pulled out of the fabric. The pul was green on some. I think this was because I was wondering if she had different pul colors because the white stained first time. And it was a bad dye on the green ones, the others still had white. The flap edges were not serged or hemmed.

The one minky diaper I did use a couple of time looked bad after a couple of washings.

This may have just been my bad experiance with a custom order.
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