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NB GMD workhorse and KL0s

I am selling 18 Orange edge GMD workhorse diapers without snaps and four with snaps all bought here on DS in EUC but are unfortunatly too big for my tiny little girl and I need to sell them so I can get something smaller. asking $4.50 ppd a piece or $4ppd each if you buy the remaining 10. All GMD sold. I also have 3 KL0s also bought on here in EUC $8ppd a piece or $21ppd for all three. I have not used any of these diapers so they are all still in EUC. KL0s still available

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I have a 2 week old who isn't a fan of not being held.

Please pay wihin 24 hours of getting paypal address.

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