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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

DS will be 4 months on monday and we just started brown rice cereal with him. I EBF him and wanted to wait untill 4 months but we startd him a few days eairler because he was showing all the signs of being ready and hasnet been sleeping through the night anymore for a month and just eats every 20 mins during the day. now that we have him on it he seems a lot more fullfilled and I'm happy we started him.

Were going to feed the brown rice cereal for about a week then start with the other first foods, hes just not a big fan of the cereal taste but wants to eat still lol. its pretty cute.

I plan on making all his food homemade and I make his brown rice cereal homemade now. its really easy to do and a lot cheaper and better for baby then jar food is.

I would of waited untill around 5-6 months to start solids but he was way ready now so I think you should start them when baby is ready. also the first year breastmilk/formula is still there main source of nutrition and solids just complement the milk pretty much and introduce them to new textures and flavors.
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