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Re: Should I try and get my kids chicken pox?

Yup, do it and do it now. After 1 year is ideal, and the younger the better and more mild the case, typically. Suppress their immune system just before or during exposure (swapping lollipops works great, Yummy Earth brand is dye-free) and then do immune support starting 1-2 days after exposure (Echinacea). There are now 2 strains of the pox - the "original" and a mutated strain, so you can theoretically get them twice, though the second round is typically milder. My youngest was 18 months when he got them, dead of winter, piece of cake - he was COVERED but they didn't bother him at all. My oldest was exposed at 19 months, didn't get them but later showed a positive titer, then got them when his brother had them. He was 4 at the time and had a dozen or so, and has 1 scar from it. NO. BIG. DEAL. We will continue to expose them every chance we get!
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