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Re: With your VBAC labor, when did you call your MW/OB?

with my first vbac, I had about 15 minutes of contrax that I had to breath through while we were playing a board game and my sister said if I had to stop the game to have a contraction then it was time to call the m/w.

I called at 11, she was there by 11:15 and he was born at 2:20.

My second vbac, she called ME and asked if I was having any contractions and if I wanted her to come over. That was about 5pm, she broke my water at 845 and she was born at 954.

My third vbac I timed contractions for just less than an hour. I didn't want to call until I was sure because it was 2am, but I started shaking like during transition, and after one especially painful contraction I woke up dh and had him call. she arrived at 230, he was born at 409.
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