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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

I just wanted to update you ladies on something we discovered in our case that just shows every child is different and you have to do what's best for your child.

My baby was not passing stool. We think she just had a slow digestive system from birth (her meconium didn't show up until 3 days after birth....)and at first we thought something was really wrong with her and got her tested, etc. but all the tests showed that she was normal. Anyway, she was pooping maybe every 10 days? Longest was 15. Obviously the doctor was not happy with this and said she should be going at a minimum of every 3 days. Now, I was EBF so babies are not suppose to be constipated as breastmilk has a laxative effect. The pedi was really puzzled but said, let's try solid food as soon as she turns 4 months. Only veggies, absolutely no cereal or fruit which are more constipating.

Sure enough, we started veggies when she turned 4 months old and she's been pooping like a champ! sometimes more than once a day! (you guys have no idea how strange this is to me) Anyway, she is much happier baby now that her bowels are moving and I'm really glad we started when we did.
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